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Cisco Webex Teams

Enhance the security of your digital environment with ThreatKey's Cisco Webex Teams integration. This integration is designed to automatically relay identified misconfigurations and security risks from your environment to your specified Webex Teams instance. Furthermore, it offers robust remediation tracking capabilities to ensure a streamlined security management process.

Key features

Automated security risk reporting

ThreatKey's Cisco Webex Teams integration enables you to automate the reporting of security risks and misconfigurations within your environment. As soon as a potential threat is identified, it will be sent directly to your specified Webex Teams instance, ensuring prompt attention and action.

Remediation management

Stay on top of remediation efforts with this integration's remediation management feature. This allows you to watch and manage your remediation tasks directly within Webex Teams, promoting swift and effective resolution of security issues.

Seamless collaboration

By integrating ThreatKey with your Webex Teams instance, you can enhance team collaboration around security issues. Team members can discuss identified risks and their potential solutions right where they're working, reducing turnaround times and enhancing overall security.

Installation and setup

Setting up the ThreatKey's Cisco Webex Teams integration is simple. Start by linking your Webex Teams instance with ThreatKey through the integration page on the ThreatKey platform. Follow the straightforward setup instructions, and you'll soon be receiving security risk alerts in your Webex Teams environment.


  • Automated Risk Reporting: Enjoy the convenience of automated security risk alerts delivered directly to your Webex Teams instance.
  • Efficient Remediation: Manage and track remediation efforts within Webex Teams, promoting quick and effective risk resolution.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Ease team discussions on identified risks and remediation efforts directly within Webex Teams.

The integration of ThreatKey with your Cisco Webex Teams instance ensures a more secure, efficient, and collaborative environment.

Need help?

Our dedicated support team is available every day to assist with any queries or issues during the installation and setup process. Contact them at or via our live chat for a smooth and efficient integration process.

Equip your Webex Teams environment with ThreatKey's Cisco Webex Teams integration today, and take control of your security posture.