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Amazon Web Services - Security Risk Identification and Remediation Management

ThreatKey's AWS integration identifies misconfigurations and security risks in your Amazon Web Services environment. It also provides a way to manage and track remediation efforts.


Strengthen the security of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment with ThreatKey's AWS integration. This feature is designed to proactively detect misconfigurations and security risks, providing comprehensive protection for your cloud-based operations. It also comes equipped with a robust mechanism for managing and tracking remediation efforts, ensuring quick and effective resolution of any identified security threats.

Key Features

Security Risk Identification

Utilizing advanced analytics, ThreatKey's AWS integration identifies potential security risks and misconfigurations within your AWS environment. This early detection capability facilitates timely intervention and mitigation, securing your cloud-based operations.

Remediation Management

The AWS integration includes a comprehensive remediation management feature. This tool streamlines the management and tracking of your remediation efforts, leading to swift and efficient resolution of identified security risks.

Reporting and Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your AWS environment's security posture with detailed reporting and analytics. These insights inform strategic decisions, assist in compliance efforts, and promote continuous improvement in security practices.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the ThreatKey's AWS integration is straightforward. Begin by connecting your AWS account with ThreatKey on the integration page within the ThreatKey platform. Follow the step-by-step setup process to boost the security of your AWS environment.


To connect an AWS account, you can either:

  • Manually create AWS IAM roles with the appropriate permissions.
  • Use the CloudFormation-based connection wizard to setup AWS IAM roles. (Link to CloudFormation template)

Both enrollment flows guide you through the steps to create two AWS IAM roles in your AWS account.

  • A read-only role, which is by default called ThreatKeyAudit . This role is used to evaluate AWS asset details.
  • A role with the AdministratorAccess policy, which is by default called ThreatKey . This role is used to set up both the read-only role and CloudTrail event forwarding.


As of 2021/11/05, the permissions required for the two roles are as follows:


  • Enhanced Security: Proactively identify and rectify potential security risks and misconfigurations in your AWS environment.
  • Efficient Remediation: Manage and track remediation efforts effectively, ensuring swift and successful resolution of security issues.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Leverage detailed reports and analytics to guide strategic decisions and foster continuous security improvement.
  • Streamlined Compliance: Simplify compliance efforts with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

By integrating ThreatKey with your AWS environment, you are taking a significant step towards a more secure, efficient, and resilient cloud infrastructure.

Need help?

Our expert support team is always ready to assist with any issues or questions during the installation and setup process. You can reach them at or through our live chat.

Fortify your AWS environment's security posture with ThreatKey's AWS integration today.

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