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Resolving a Finding

ThreatKey, as a cloud-based platform, excels in identifying and helping you remediate security risks in your environment. One of the crucial steps in ThreatKey's security process involves resolving findings - the identified security risks. This guide walks you through the steps to resolve a finding in ThreatKey.

Steps to resolve a finding

  • Review the Finding: Each finding that ThreatKey generates provides a comprehensive detail about a security risk. You'll want to carefully review these details, including the summary, severity, affected resources, details, and remediation steps.
  • Investigate the Risk: Using the details provided, investigate the risk in your environment. This may involve checking configurations, examining logs, or other activities specific to the finding.
  • Apply Remediation Steps: Once you've confirmed the risk and understand its implications, apply the remediation steps provided in the finding. These steps are designed to mitigate the identified risk.
  • Verify the Resolution: After applying the remediation steps, verify that the risk has been appropriately mitigated. This may involve running checks or tests, as appropriate for the specific risk. If ThreatKey detects that the risk is still present, it will continue to generate findings for the risk, and if it detects the risk has been mitigated, it will stop generating findings for the risk.
  • Resolve the Finding in ThreatKey: Once you've confirmed that the risk is remediated, go to the ThreatKey platform and you'll find the finding as resolved. This will remove the finding from your open risks and will contribute to your overall security score improvement.

Need help?

If you need any assistance in resolving a finding or have any questions about the process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at or via our live chat.

Take charge of your security by effectively resolving ThreatKey's findings today.