Jira Cloud Issue Sync

ThreatKey supports one-way synchronization of ThreatKey Findings to issues in a Jira Cloud project. Customers may currently configure an arbitrary amount of Jira Cloud instances, but only one project per instance.

The ThreatKey plugin user "ThreatKey Jira Sync" will be the reporter of all issues.

Field mappings

Depending on the Jira project type, this integration will update the following fields on an Jira issue:

  • All project types
  • Summary: Finding and asset ID/name
  • Priority: closest equivalent to Finding severity
  • Status: best effort match on common status names for Software and Service Desk.
  • Service Desk
  • Root cause: when available, attribution information
  • Affected hardware: the asset ID

ThreatKey finding severity levels map to the following Jira issue priority levels:

Finding severity Jira Issue priority
Early Access Info Lowest
Info Lowest
Low Low
Medium Medium
High High
Critical Critical

Details for Jira administrators

ThreatKey's Jira Cloud integration is an Atlassian Connect app that currently requires installation in "Developer Mode" for a Jira instance. As far as we're aware, you can disable developer mode after installing the app.

Our Connect app is designed to work with more-or-less stock Software and Service Desk Jira project types. However, we are very familiar with how customizable Jira can be! 

If you are unable to configure this integration to work with your Jira project implementation, please reach out to us at support@threatkey.com

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