Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a suite of cloud-based productivity tools that are provided to businesses, institutions, and organizations by Google. These tools include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, and more.

ThreatKey uses OAuth2 as the method of authentication for ThreatKey's integration with Google Workspace. This allows users to connect their Google Workspace accounts to ThreatKey without sharing their credentials with ThreatKey. Instead, users authenticate and authorize the connection using their Google credentials.

When connecting a user's account to ThreatKey via OAuth2, ThreatKey receives three key pieces of information:

  • A unique refresh token that grants persistent access to a user's account until they revoke access in their Google Account settings
  • A short-lived access token which can be used immediately to make API requests on behalf of the user until it expires
  • An endpoint from which we can obtain new access tokens that are valid for one hour
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